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The Reality of Love with Lenny Green & Indy Smith November 15, 2012

25 Nov

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Reality Of Love with Lenny Green & Indy Smith

25 Nov

Reality Of Love Lenny Green w/ Indy Smith Jacina Love

25 Nov

The Definition Of A Ride or Die Chick, Where are our Ride or Die Men???????

8 Jan

The ultimate woman for any man is the mythical Ride-or-Die chick. The concept itself is one of selflessness that borders on insanity when you observe the women with whom this term was coined for. Originally a Ride-or-Die girl is the one who would hold your gun, hide the crack in her… crack and mule the cocaine overseas so that you both could be paid. The Ride-or-Die chick would get upset when you slept around but she would never leave, she would stick to Omerta and do 25 to Life in prison before allowing you to be taken by the authorities. She would have your babies, feed you and coddle you without the need for thanks because her love was unconditional. Yes there have been many women of this ideal and to outsiders it is a mentality that is seldom understood.

Benefits to being a Ride-or-Die chick?

A man knows when his woman has his back and loves him unconditionally. He may be a flawed, imperfect, scumbag but he loves her beyond any other woman that will ever be in his life. He loves her deeply because he knows that no matter how much the world is against him she will be there by his side. While he may not show it, it forces him to have a strong loyalty for her that goes beyond fidelity, it is a soul bond.

When Tupac sung about this mythical woman back in his days of influence, every hood chick dreamed of being that jewel in her man’s eyes. Many still do it and take drug charges, get knocked up and live with the STD’s that the hood in their life brings home. Ride-or-Die is the ultimate construct of unconditional love, it is what marriages on paper are meant to be but as statistics show – not the same. In certain cultures and religions where divorce is unheard of or lethal for the woman, being Ride-or-Die is forced. In our western culture especially within the bourgeoisie, it is unheard of. One cannot imagine the high-powered wife of the CEO in some Fortune 500 company taking the bullet for her husband when it comes time for a prison sentence. No it rarely happens and this is why it seems that the concept of Ride-or-Die is one of a low income, hood mentality.

The Professional Ride-or-Die Chick

There are many ways that a woman of a law-abiding citizen can be construed as Ride-or-Die, in reality many are but the term is never used for them. These women allow their men to leave high paying jobs to pursue their dreams without risk of leaving, they allow for mistresses to come and go without risk of leaving and they will cut the balls off of anyone who crosses their men. Thugs or Professionals all have the same woman with the same mentality when it comes to being Ride-or Die, the definition is “unconditional love”. It is the same love many of us have for our parents and siblings, you don’t disown them, you forgive them, love them, and defend them. They may be assholes but they are your assholes and you would rather put yourself in harm’s way than see anything happen to them. That is the Ride-or-Die mentality.

INDY ON CHERRY TV.COM Episode #1 Season 1

1 Jan

New Year, new topics but lets revisit some vintage sex topics. I’m a firm believer that if you aren’t comfortable in with your sexuality then other areas in your life will be challenged. Lets make 2012 sexy and free.. Deep Throat Techniques
The deep throat is not necessary for all BJs, although it is important to keep in your bag of tricks. It is like having a really bold lip gloss color…you aren’t going to wear it everyday, but you should be prepared if a special occasion or whim arises…

A lot of women say, “Oh no, I choke and gag…I can’t do it.” Well, that may be because they aren’t doing it the right way. Some women will try to shove the penis down the back of their throat…that is why they gag. Now for those of us that may be blessed enough to be born sans gag reflex, this is fine. For the rest of us, the trick is back and up. There is a space between the top of your pallet and where the roof of your mouth meets the uvula. It’s soft and feels a little spongy, test it with your finger first to make sure you know the spot. That is the target for the tip of the penis. When the penis goes into the back of your mouth, guide it up in that spot and you can even apply some pressure to it by pushing down on the head a little. This pressure will usually feel like you are swallowing it whole, which is generally most desirable for your partner.

Premiere of “Making The Show” Episode #1

23 Sep

MY DENIM IS SEXY…..Wear Denim that’s Sexy and Eco Friendly

21 Dec

I had the best time with my friends super photographer INatural, Shirley and Brian Allonce for this Reco Jeans photo shoot, I just had to share it with everyone. Please take some time to read more about RECO JEANS:

Reco jeans® promotes an eco-friendly lifestyle by introducing a green line of denim that minimizes the use of fresh cotton and that reduces the amount of excess fabric that would end up in a landfill. reco jeans® supporters not only look good in their jeans, but feel good about contributing to a healthier, cleaner, and more dignified earth.

Uniqueness: reco jeans® is the only company to use innovative, new recycled fabric exclusively on all of its denim products. The process used to create the fabric is so unique that it has been approved, certified, and then studied by a prestigious university due to its ability to change the environment and eliminate waste within the garment industry. We have exclusive rights to this fabric and are the only recycled denim company with a green label certification.