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Reality of Love with Lenny Green and Indy Smith on WBLS

25 Nov

Reality Of Love with Lenny Green & Indy Smith

25 Nov

Reality Of Love Lenny Green w/ Indy Smith Jacina Love

25 Nov

Indy On Cherry TV Season #1 Episode #2 “Fellatio Positioning”

24 Jan

Fellatio Positioning
There are a few positions we use for giving blow jobs. But not all are comfortable! In this episode the Cherry TV women offer advice on blow job positioning and present a how to guide for giving great oral sex yet remaining comfortable!

1- Make her change tempo

Instead of bobbing her head up and down like she’s in a marathon, encourage your woman to lick you at different speeds. By changing paces, your penis will experience different sensations, thereby lessening the chances of your letting go too soon. If you’re accustomed to quickness, her slow movements will give you a few moments to regain control, and vice versa.

2- Don’t let her use her hands

Since you’re well aware that masturbation eventually leads to ejaculation, chances are that if she uses her hands to stroke you while she uses her mouth, you’ll ejaculate more quickly than usual.

Play a game: tell her that she can’t use her hands to touch your penis, but she can use them to touch any other part of your body.

3- Let her lick the surrounding areas

Every once in a while, get her to use her tongue on the surrounding areas. Introduce her to your inner thighs, your testicles, or even your anus and let her get creative with that great mouth of hers.

Again, a game is the way to go. Tell her that she can lick anywhere on your body, except your penis. But beware: chances are the teasing will have you exploding when she does finally place her mouth over your head.

4- Interrupt fellatio periodically

Whether you penetrate her or simply get her to stop licking you so you can focus on her body for a while, interrupting oral sex will help you keep your ejaculate at bay.

To substitute for the oral sex, you can stop her and do your oral thing on her, or kiss her, or rub her body for a while.

5- Get into the 69 position

Because you’ll be trying your damnedest to get her off in the 69 position, you won’t be able to fully concentrate on the sensations she’s giving you. Get into position, let her do her thing and focus all your attention on giving her orgasm.

Is Your Social Media Life Killing Your Love Life?

28 Dec

Dear Listener, I’d first like to thank you for tuning in to Kiss N’ Tell “Reality Of Love” Lenny Green and I really work hard to deliver honest advice to those that need it. In regards to your issue, I personally could never imagine being with someone who spends more time on a social network more then me. I’m in the entertainment industry and give lots of time to this new social world because of Marketing and Promotions, but at no means will Face Book or Twitter or any other Social site take priority over my significant other. To answer your question, I do understand your discomfort (Lady I Hate My Husbands New Social Friends)………Look the bottom line is if your man or woman is showing men or women on a social media site to much attention in your opinion at odd times let them know and if there’s no change you really need to reconsider the level of commitment that the other party has to your relationship as well as your value to them as a person. You must communicate and you must find your core values so that others will value you.

*Side Bar: Remember people, we are spirits living a human experience, we feel our circumstances before we respond to them. If your in touch with the true you you will find that you should always listen to those uncomfortable knocks on your spirits door.

*For All To Know: Take it into consideration folks, these web and technology builders will be around forever building new ways to instantly gratify us but by no means do they care about us like a love one so if your putting technology before your loved one or miss using a social media site it may be time to take a step away from the Laptop, Ipad, Iphone, Blackberry and start living in the land of the Spirit/Human……….((:

Hugs & Kisses

Indy Smith

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New York Giants Brian Witherspoon visits #ThatsEnuffRadio w/ Indy & Globa Vito

19 Oct


INDY is now taking Artist submissions for “Global Invasion” Radio Show on ThatsEnuffRadio

17 Oct

INDY is taking new artist submission for her new Global Invasion radio show with Heavy Hitter Global Vito on ThatsEnuff.com. ThatsEnuffRadio features some of top Hip-Hop and R&B artist in the business and now you have a chance to join the list.
“Not being signed doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be heard. I respect all talent”
All are welcome to apply! You will be expected to promote your music and have comments posted on your post at itsindyonline.com if you are chosen for the “UNSIGNED” segment of Global Invasion on ThatsEnuff.com Saturday 7 to 9 pm
All you need to do is send us your MP3, Bio and Photo to indy@itsindyonline.com
We look forward to hearing from you!
(This could lead to regular rotation and a future in studio interview.)

S. ROB on GLOBAL INVASION w/ Global Vito & Indy

16 Oct


The Premier GLOBAL INVASION W/ Global Vito & Indy on ThatsEnuff.com

16 Oct



Premiere of “Making The Show” Episode #1

23 Sep