Is Your Relationship Perfect On The Surface But Full Of Flaws

28 Mar

Have you ever been in a relationship, which on the surface seemed perfect, but there was still that one thing about him/her you were still iffy about? Maybe he/she has a hard time apologizing, or you’re not sure if the other person is fully committed to you. Everybody has flaws, but when it comes to love, there are several characteristics you should never have to settle for.
The Non-Apologetic
It can be hard to deal with people who never apologize. Being able to admit that you’re wrong and take ownership for your actions is a sign of maturity. If your boyfriend or girlfriend never apologizes when you express that they’ve hurt you, this could be a serious red flag.
You should be with someone who will show empathy when you’re down and will want to right his or her wrongs. If your mate hurts you in any way or does something to upset you, he or she should make the effort to make it up to you. Don’t let your mate get away with everything. By always letting them off the hook, you’re only preventing them from staying hooked.

The Non-Committal
If you are with someone who wants you, but only on his/her own time, this could be a sign that he/she is not very committed to the relationship. It’s been said that men generally have a harder time committing to a relationship than do women. Unlike women who act based on their emotions, men are more logical about things. For example, women are more inclined to jump into a relationship because a guy makes her feel happy and secure. Men, on the other hand, need to make sure that the girl he ends up with possesses all the qualities he is looking for. As a result, he will spend more time playing the field before settling down.
Unless you are down with being friends with benefits or keeping things light and casual, you may want to pursue a relationship elsewhere.

The Guilt-tripper
This person is very good at manipulating you and toying with your emotions. He/She makes you feel like every problem the two of you have is your fault. He or she says the two of you are always fighting because he/she thinks you nitpick and complain too much. But really, you only complain because your mate can’t do the littlest things to show you they want to be with you, like being on time for a date. This constant blame game isn’t healthy and you shouldn’t have to deal with it. Who wants to be with a man or woman who places all the blame on you and makes it seem like everything’s your fault anyway? Find a new partner– one who will admit to his or her share in an argument.
The Uncompromisable
This arrogant person isn’t willing to negotiate when the two of you butt heads. If you are with a person who never compromises, you are treading dangerous waters. A person who doesn’t compromise can be hard to deal with. They pretty much believe that they are great just the way they are. As a result, they make no effort to improve and change their flaws because they believe that that’s how they’ve always been, therefore that’s how they will always be.
Being in a relationship is a great way for people to discover new things about themselves and develop better interpersonal skills. Since everyone is different, you constantly have to adjust yourself to that person. But if you’re boyfriend is unwilling to adjust himself to you, you will find yourself changing more and more things about you to fit what he needs. Relationships require compromise, not conformity.

The Parental Guardian
You already spent the first 18 to 30 years of your life living under your parents’ roof and abiding by their rules. Now your mate tells you that you dress too unflattering and you have to change they way you take everything to personal. “Thanks Mom, Thanks Dad. You always know just what to say.”
It can be frustrating when your boyfriend or girlfriend acts like your parent. Actually, it kind of sends shivers down your spine thinking about how much he or she reminds you of your parents. First of all, you’re an adult and don’t need someone to boss you around. Secondly, a partner who treats you like a child probably craves power and authority in the relationship. Don’t let them put you down because he /she is more experienced or thinks differently than you. Let him or her know you’re potty trained and you don’t need someone to change your diapers for you.


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