INDY ON CHERRY TV.COM Episode #1 Season 1

1 Jan

New Year, new topics but lets revisit some vintage sex topics. I’m a firm believer that if you aren’t comfortable in with your sexuality then other areas in your life will be challenged. Lets make 2012 sexy and free.. Deep Throat Techniques
The deep throat is not necessary for all BJs, although it is important to keep in your bag of tricks. It is like having a really bold lip gloss color…you aren’t going to wear it everyday, but you should be prepared if a special occasion or whim arises…

A lot of women say, “Oh no, I choke and gag…I can’t do it.” Well, that may be because they aren’t doing it the right way. Some women will try to shove the penis down the back of their throat…that is why they gag. Now for those of us that may be blessed enough to be born sans gag reflex, this is fine. For the rest of us, the trick is back and up. There is a space between the top of your pallet and where the roof of your mouth meets the uvula. It’s soft and feels a little spongy, test it with your finger first to make sure you know the spot. That is the target for the tip of the penis. When the penis goes into the back of your mouth, guide it up in that spot and you can even apply some pressure to it by pushing down on the head a little. This pressure will usually feel like you are swallowing it whole, which is generally most desirable for your partner.


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