Is Your Social Media Life Killing Your Love Life?

28 Dec

Dear Listener, I’d first like to thank you for tuning in to Kiss N’ Tell “Reality Of Love” Lenny Green and I really work hard to deliver honest advice to those that need it. In regards to your issue, I personally could never imagine being with someone who spends more time on a social network more then me. I’m in the entertainment industry and give lots of time to this new social world because of Marketing and Promotions, but at no means will Face Book or Twitter or any other Social site take priority over my significant other. To answer your question, I do understand your discomfort (Lady I Hate My Husbands New Social Friends)………Look the bottom line is if your man or woman is showing men or women on a social media site to much attention in your opinion at odd times let them know and if there’s no change you really need to reconsider the level of commitment that the other party has to your relationship as well as your value to them as a person. You must communicate and you must find your core values so that others will value you.

*Side Bar: Remember people, we are spirits living a human experience, we feel our circumstances before we respond to them. If your in touch with the true you you will find that you should always listen to those uncomfortable knocks on your spirits door.

*For All To Know: Take it into consideration folks, these web and technology builders will be around forever building new ways to instantly gratify us but by no means do they care about us like a love one so if your putting technology before your loved one or miss using a social media site it may be time to take a step away from the Laptop, Ipad, Iphone, Blackberry and start living in the land of the Spirit/Human……….((:

Hugs & Kisses

Indy Smith

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