“The Reality of Love” w/ Lenny Green & Indy Smith

11 Nov

Kiss & Tell plus The Reality of Love = A Thursday Night of Fun, honest, conversation about Love, Relationships and Sex. Tune In Every Thursday Night 11 Live on LennyGreen.com — with Lenny Green’s Kissing After Dark & Indy Smith


2 Responses to ““The Reality of Love” w/ Lenny Green & Indy Smith”

  1. Diane Greeme March 1, 2012 at 11:19 PM #

    How do you know when a man really care about you

    • ItsIndyOnline March 7, 2012 at 10:58 PM #

      Hi Diane, first I’d like to say thank you for trusting me with your question. I’ve always tried my best to be 100% honest about my views, opinions and experiences, Therefore I will give you my best and honest answer.
      There are many ways a man can show you he cares about you.
      1. When your needs are put before all others and he still shows you he respects his own needs….He Cares.
      2. When he is more then willing to communicate his feelings as well as your feelings…..He Cares.
      3. If he is showing you a pattern of consistency, showing he is trust worthy…..He Cares.
      4.If you are not just in his life but also apart of his life…..He Cares.
      5. If your true nature as a woman (your emotional, giving, caring, loving ways) are cherished, respected and acknowledged and reciprocated….He Cares.
      Please keep in mind these are just some and very much in my eyes important. But these are also basic signs of respect and should come with ease if a person is truly ready to share and care about someone and these rules apply to a male or female.
      Please feel free to ask me anything else you want. As I help others in their live I help myself. And if your near your computer Thursday night at 11pm Log on to “Reality Of Love” with me and KissFM’s Lenny Green on http://www.LennyGreen.com I’m going to shout you out and thank you for your question.
      Hugs & Kisses

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