EXSLV | R. Notes

8 Sep

Today, 2:00 PM (EST), R&B new comer R. Notes visits the Midday Invasion! 

About R. Notes

Soulful and powerful Rhythm and Blues singers have had a great impact on the history of music.  The musical genre commonly known as R&B, has given the musical arena a plethora of singers who have left their mark on hearts and souls across people around the world. Aretha Franklin, Luther Vandross, Whitney Houston, and Stevie Wonder are a few of the forerunners of this musical movement who have paved the way for others. While acts such as John Legend, Mary J. Blige, and Maxwell ascend upon the charts, there is a recently discovered crooner exploding on to the scene.

Although he has been featured on numerous records and has written and recorded many of his own, R.Notes has yet to release his own album, until now. His latest musical venture titled My Turn is a highly anticipated R&B mixtape, which signifies his preparation for a much brighter future in the music industry. Working with up and coming New York mega producers Buzz and Christian Lean Diaz of EADMusic.com and LandRBeats.com, R.Notes album will be a blend of old school R&B while staying true to his Hip-Hop origins.

In between his recording sessions, R.Notes performs live weekly at the famed Sugar Bar in NYC owned by singer Ashford Simpson. Additionally, R.Notes has been participating in the famed Apollo Theater Amateur show and wowed the audience during his final bout in Apollo’s amateur competition. Although he did not win R.Notes was able to leave a lasting impression on the audience, his peers, as well as the Apollo staff. Recently R.Notes has been on a state-to-state tour performing at venues such as Club Swift and Club VIP in Connecticut. His next performances are scheduled for Virginia as well as his hometown of New York.


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